I have been playing around with the Google Android™ development environment a bit lately to see what I think about the possibility of developing an application in it at some point. I decided to build a test app that would simulate tossing a coin looking for three consecutive tosses that match a specified pattern.* The app outputs the number of tosses (on average) it takes to reach the specified pattern.

Overall, I think Google has done a great job with the development environment and the Android system, in general. The emulator works well and seems to emulate the hardware fairly realistically. (I had a change to install the app on a friend's G1.) It's too bad I don't have an idea for a killer app.

*The idea for the app comes from a lunch conversation I had with a group of co-workers about whether a HEADS-TAILS-TAILS sequence will show up sooner on average compared with a HEADS-TAILS-HEADS pattern. It does, by the way.